Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Maintaining Box Braids & Senegalese Twists

So you’ve just put in your Box Braids or Senegalese Twists and they be looking gorgeous!! You can’t wait to start styling it up and do all sorts of crazy stuff with it but you stop a minute and think ‘how am I gonna maintain my new hairstyle and keep it looking fresh for as long as it can’ If you don’t want your hair to be looking a hot mess after a week then keep reading to find out how to avoid that!

Shampoo & Condition As Usual
There is a common misconception with wearing a protective style which is that it can just be neglected and not taken care of. Your own hair is part of the added hair therefore you still have to show it some love. The same goes for washing and conditioning; I usually wash mine every 3-4weeks and usually keep my style in for about 2 1/2 months. It is also important to follow up with either a regular conditioner or a good deep condition.

Continue To Moisturize
Whatever style your hair is in, you must always, always, always moisturize with no exceptions. Now I don’t mean moisturizing your braids or twists every 2hrs but on average about once or twice a week or whenever they feel dry. Remember that people with curly or coily, kinky hair tend to suffer from dryness more often since the natural oils produced by the sebaceous gland cannot freely travel in a straight line down the hair shaft. This means that the moisture is not able to travel down the whole hair fast enough and the ends of the hair will break. This is why it is very important to moisturize your hair regularly if your hair texture is type 3 and up. Also make sure you moisturize YOUR hair till the ends rather than the whole length of  the braid or twist since you’ll probably end up cutting those off during the take down, unless you actual hair is as long as the extensions.

Sleep With A Silk/Satin Bonnet, Scarf Or Pillow Case
It is very important to protect your hair during the night to keep it from looking all rough and fuzzy the next day. That’s why silk and satin are great materials to use since they do not dry out the hair and protect it from cotton pillow cases which absorb moisture and rub against the hair making it untidy. I always have the ‘scarf slipping of sometime during the night’ disorder so I like to put a hair net on top of my scarf and it’ll stay on throughout!

Don’t Style Too Tight
 Try to be extra gentle when styling your braids or twists because pulling too tight could actually damage your hair and cause your hair, especially your edges, to start thinning out. Also it will just make you look like you’ve have your style in for Lord knows how long! Trust me, I’ve learnt for experience.. Now you don’t want no receding hairline so try to be extra careful when styling your hair. Now yes I know we all got our cute little hairstyles that we wanna be doing but just remember, the key thing is to take care! Also when the braid start pulling up, it’ll look like its new growth when actually it’s just you being too harsh on your hair with them extra tight scrunchies.

Get Your Edges Redone
This trick is amazing and so handy if you’ve got tons of new growth but you wanna have your style in for a bit longer or you aint got the money or time to get them re-installed yet. Taking out the first 1 or 2 rows of your hair and getting them braided or twisted up again gives the appearance that you’ve only just got them and they’re brand new! Now you can rock your style for even longer and nobody knows what’s going on in there.

As I said earlier, I wouldn’t recommend you having the braids or twists in for any longer than 3 months max but you will have definitely got some new growth at least 1inch or more with these two protective styles! Want to grow hair even faster and longer with braids or twists in? Check out: How To Grow 1Inch Of Hair In 7days


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