Friday, 6 March 2015

My Morning & Night Facial Regimen

Hii Guys!! As per usual I am very sorry for not posting regularly enough but I have finalised that I will be posting once a week to start off with and that is A MUST (so no excuses, ifs or buts). As for what day, I am currently not too sure but as long as it is at least once in a week I’m good! 

So moving on in proper relation to this post, I am going through some really tough times with an obsession of overly spending money on products I don’t actually need  per say. However there were some pros to this since I actually recently made myself a proper facial regimen with the right products to meet my needs (since I’ve recently been breaking out pretty bad) through shopping around and buying stuff. This post is kind of a product review and haul but its main purpose is to share with you guys my facial care regime for both morning and night time. Read on and I hope you enjoy!!>>

After brushing my teeth in the mornings, or before I go to bed, I first splash some warm water onto my face to open up my pores so they can absorb in all the luxurious goodness! I do this until my face feels a little steamy and I like to give myself a lil facial massage in the mean time. I also sometimes use the Huggies Wipes to clean my face and eye area before hand, especially if I was wearing any eye makeup that day.

1) Straight after that I squeeze my Nivea 2 in 1 Cleanser & Toner Wash onto my fingers, and start applying it all over my face in circular motions. It is quite creamy, and it feels and smells great too! Once my whole face is covered, I rinse off with some warm water. 

2) Next, I get my Garnier Pure Active Exfoliating Scrub, squeeze it on my fingers and again apply in circular motions until my whole face is covered. This product also smells good and it feels sort of grainy on your face, almost like rubbing tiny grains of sugar on your face. I must say, after using this, my face felt so tingly, refreshed and sensational instantly! You know that sort of minty feeling you get with peppermint oil, the experience is amazing! But anyways, I finally rinse off the entire product off my face but this time with COOL water, to close down my pores.
I then pat/dab my face dry with a towel and move on to the final part which is moisturizing!

3) I also recently purchased the Clean & Clear Dual Action Oil-free Moisturizer as my facial moisturizer. (Btw I use the Palmers Cocoa Butter for my body in case anyone was wondering). I simply squeeze the product into my hand and rub in into my face and I am done with my facial routine.

So I use both the cleanser & toner and the moisturizer twice a day (morning and night) but the exfoliating scrub every other day before bed. Even though the product says daily, I just feel like I don’t really need it that often especially if I do my facial routine twice a day. If you guys would like to see full product reviews on any of these products, definitely comment it down below and I will do it in my next post. Thanks for reading and I hope you all enjoyed and maybe even found this useful.

What’s you guy’s facial regimens like? Do you have any favourite or staple products? Any recent skincare product purchases?
Abbie x


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