Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Health & Fitness - My New Goal !!

Hello everyone, I'm soo sorry that I haven't been posting very regularly recently but I think I've just become very lazy and pretty much incapable of writing up something really simple for you guys. One of my targets with this blog is actually to come up with a scheduled day of the week to draft and to post, but one that I will ACTUALLY stick to for once!! Anyways let's continue on to this post itself before I get carried away>>

So keeping fit is actually something that has been on my mind for ages now and I've sort of always said to myself that I will start doing workouts, exercises, and most of all eating healthily. As you can probably guess all those were just plain words that came out my mouth with no real follow up action. Now don't get me wrong, I am not over-weight or anything so I don't want to go on a diet or loose weight etc (trust me I'm like the size of a toothpick) but I simply want to become fit, sporty like I was in primary school and just overall healthier!! Seriously, I eat like so much junk food in one day ie; a whole packet of oreos, cookies, chocolate, sweets, fizzy drinks and just everything that your supposed to stay away from!!If I'm lucky, I might remember to have like one fruit but like that's not gonna out weigh all the other crap I've been munching. You wait till all my teeth start dropping out! But real talk, it's literally like an addiction, thank God I have high metabolism though!!

Also today, I was so shocked and disappointed at myself as I actually came to awareness of what I was like during sports. Apart from the fact that I'll decide to do a 15mins workout everyday of the week,manage do it twice then give up and forget about it and realise like 6months later 'Oh I haven't been doing my workouts' which is completely useless. But like today in PE (gym class) we played basketball and I realised that I was always standing back and away from the ball and wasn't actually doing anything. That in itself wasn't actually the problem because of course, I got away with it! But the fact that I never used to be like that! Before, I would go up to the ball, tackle people (I mean like boys), score goals an actually get active. Now I've just put myself into the 'I'm a girl so I cant be sporty' category and that's not who I really am at all. Now is my chance to breakfree from 'I cant be bothered land' and get myself together real quick!
Some of the ideas I have come up with as a starter pack are:
- to resume after school club sports (say no to laziness!)
- to always eat breakfast(a healthy one, rather than chocolate before 9am)
- to drink healthy fruit smoothies everyday afterschool (which I will be post a DIY on as soon as I start!)
- drinking a lot more water atleast 2ltrs (during breakfast, school day, lunch dinner etc)
- finding a good youtuber to do home workouts with (please comment own below if you know any good role models to follow lol)
- and finally going 2 weeks each month without buying any junk snacks before/after school (this will be the most difficult so I'll be doing this with a few friends)

Thank you so much for reading guys!! I'm really looking forward to starting my new healthy lifestyle and I hope I actually stay encouraged and it becomes a normal thing for me to just live healthy! Feel free to join me on this life transforming journey, and I'll be glad to receive any tips or opinions on this, so please comment down below!! Thanks again.

Abbie x 


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