Thursday, 26 February 2015

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Hii everyone!! So today’s post is super short but I just want to let you guys know that my blog is on bloglovin’ and I would really, really appreciate if you guys follow me and save my posts. It would really mean a lot to me and I will most definitely follow everyone back and save your posts also. Me and my friend made an agreement that once I hit 700 followers on bloglovin’ and my blog becomes very well established and developed, I will start a youtube channel and she and many of all my other friends will be in the videos too! I agreed to the deal and I am soo exited to start! I absolutely love watching youtube videos so I thought making my own videos will be really fun and enjoyable too!I am currently at around 300 followers which I am really grateful for but I have a very long way to go lol. If you don’t currently have an account to bloglovin’ it is really easy to make and all you need is an email and password. In case you don’t actually know what bloglovin’ is, it’s simply a blog discovering page where you are updated with all your favourite blogger post you are following, ad your own blog to it and save your favourite posts on it etc Here’s a link for you to create an account: here . I would really recommend it to you guys it’s fab! So I hope this is not too much to ask from you guys and I really hope you guys go out your way to help a sister out here!! Thank you so much in advance,
Abbie x

Sunday, 22 February 2015

OOTD: Denim // New Look Winter Haul

Hii Guys!! So the other day, me and a friend went out to do a little shopping and stopped off at New Look (one of our fav stores) to check out some cute stuff. After trying out tons of stuff, I finally picked out this outfit and I instantly fell in love with it. She took some photos for me, but please bare in mind that I have never done an OOTD before, so it might turn pretty crappy lol! Hope you enjoy!>> 
Lool, dunno why I didn't smile properly

Acid Washed Jeans
Crop top
Silver Cross Necklace (Present) oh and please excuse the slightly dry lips!
And from the back
And the side

So that's the OOTD/New Look Haul since all they are all from New Look. As said before I really love this outfit and it is very suitable for the winter. You can dress it up however you like whether with a hat, scarf, beanie, bracelet etc. (The denim top is button p and the sleeves roll down if you would prefer it that way). Click here to the New Look site to check out the items from this outfit and any other stuff you might be interested in! Please comment down below if you would like me to do more of these kind of post (Hauls, OOTD, Fashion etc).  
Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed!
Abbie x

Saturday, 21 February 2015

My DIY Feet Mini Makeover For Winter !!

Welcome back to my blog everyone and today I will be sharing with you a cute little method of mine I like to use to revive and refresh my feet preparing them for the upcoming spring/summer! As we all know, winter means cold, harsh, unappealing weather which further means socks, boots, and cover up shoes for 6 months straight. Now just because or feet are not bare, with some fashionable sandals or flipflops enjoying the beautiful warmth and breeze of the beach and summer, doesn’t mean they should be neglected and suffering under all the extra layers of socks and boots! I say it’s best to give them some TLC so they’ll be ready to face the upcoming summer looking gorgeous! Read on to see how I give my nails Mini Makeover!>>

Step 1)  Soak up
There's nothing better than starting by pampering your feet in some warm soapy water. You've probably been walking around a lot and your feet must be worn out and blistered so relaxing them in a little bowl of water and adding some coconut or oilve oil will really nourish  them due to their antibacterial and antifungal properties. Some sweet smelling oil such as rosemary or lavender oil will soften up and ease the tightness from your feet while making this an aromatherapy session for a good 10-15mins.

Step 1) Wash/Scrub
Now it's time to give your feet a good cleaning and wash away all the dirt and grime. Most of the time, we don't really pay too much attention to or feet during the everyday shower, bath or whatever type of wash we have. This is why I like to incorporate this step into my regimen to focus on my feet (especially between my toes and under my nails) and clean them up very well. (You can use the same soapy water if you like) Washing your feet also makes them a lot healthier and fresher.

Step 3) Exfoliate 
This step is totally optional but it's just extra to remove any build up and smooth up your skin. You can either buy your own foot exfoliator, or DIY with honey, sugar or/and salt. Simply massage the mixture into your feet and let it sit for as long as you would like. I usually do about 3mins if I add in this step. If you have rough heels, you could try scrubbing down with a pumice stone (while it's wet). After this, rinse your feet with warm water and dab them dry with a towel.

Step 4) Trim & Shape
At this point, your nails should feel really soft and even slightly weaker than usual. Don't worry as they dry, they will go back to normal. What I do now is to cut them to a reasonable height and buff them with a nail file. Make sure to be careful while doing this. After cutting and shaping, I like to apply a little oil either coconut or almond to my actual nails and cuticles.

Step 5) Moisturize
Your almost done now, so all you need to do simply apply your favourite moisturizer, lotion or cream. Our skin tends to get super dry and crackly during these winter months so moisturizing is key! 

Step 5) Get cosy!
Who can ever refused sticking their feet in some warm, fury, fuzzy socks during the winter, in their pj's, with some hot chocolate, in bed and on their laptop or whatever! That's personally what I love to do but it's all in your hands now. I just think it's an amazing way to round up a good feet makeover, and care session! 

That's the end of my DIY Feet Mini Makeover For Winter and I hope you enjoyed reading! I would definitely recommend you guys trying out my regimen and doing it lets say once or twice a month. It takes about 30mins but I think out poor feet deserve some love and care this winter (especially if you live in London)! If you have seen my DIY Makeover for fingernails, you will probably notice that it's quite similar, if you haven't read it, go ahead and check it out here. Go ahead and tell me what you think about my routine and if you do try this out, feel free to share with me your results, I'd love to hear them!!
Thanks for reading guys, until next time..
Abbie xx

Thursday, 19 February 2015

DIY Newspaper Print Nail Art

Hey guys!! So I’m sure you all sometimes get a lil bored of your nails or the polish or designs you’ve currently got on is getting old and wear away. That’s why I thought that I would share you guys a super quick and easy yet gorgeous looking way of rocking your nails. Unfortunately, I’m not actually allowed to paint my nails (yep, I know I’m 14yrs) so I’m just here telling you guys about a cool way to jazz up your nails, and I can’t even do it myself.. it’s a sad life. Lol but anyways let’s get started!>>

Step 1) Apply a base coat to your nails of any colour of choice. Some popular ones are light grey, grey, light blue and light pink. Make sure to let it dry before continuing to next step.

Step 2) Soak your nails into some alcohol, or rubbing alcohol for a few seconds.

Step 3) Place the newspaper print side down on the nail an gently press down, making sure not to shift the paper. 

Step 4) After about 30secs or so, peel off the newspaper and finish with a top coat to get a fine finish and tah dah! Results = fabulous nails!!

-Apart from alcohol/vodka, and rubbing alcohol, some people use mouthwash or simply water. I've never tried it out so I'm not too sure but people seem to lean more to the alcohol or rubbing alcohol side for better results.
- To avoid blurred letters, try your best to stay super still. Simply roll your fingers over the  newspaper on your nails.
- Keep a cotton bud, cotton wool and nail polish remover nearby so yo can quickly wipe away any mistakes and clean up!  

So that's all from me today guys, I hope you enjoyed and actually give this a go. Feel free to share your results and any tips down in the comments! Thanks for reading, 
Abbie x

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

My 2015 Shoes Wishlist !!

Hello Everyone! So today I am back with another post for you all and it’s basically about the shoes that I really, really wanna get before the end of this year. I am kinda of a shoe addict but I’m sure most other bloggers, youtubers, vloggers etc probably are too! As you read you will probably notice that I have a very diverse style range from trainers to edgy style boots and all that kinda jazz. Anyways let’s get started with the list and I hope you enjoy!>>

 1) Timberlands  6'' Premium Boot

 I think these shoes are first ones that I would like to get! I love them so much and you could really rock them with so many outfits; from jeans to shorts to leggings, jeggins, skirts, you name it! The boots come in a range on heights but I really like the 6'' ankle ones, you can get the ones slightly lower or the really high lace up boot type ones (lol I know I'm terrible at describing, just please bare with me). Although Timberlands are quite pricy, around £160 for my size see JD Sports Timberlands I would say they are  110% worth it, and last for so long with the premium waterproof leather! The only down side to them is they change colour when wet, but that alright coz as soon as they dry, they're back to normal again and your feet stay dry, fresh and cosy!

2) Nike Airforce 1 Mid 

 You probably didn't know but I'm a proper trainer all day, everyday girl! Trainers are and always will be my thing, although sometimes I have phases where for a month or so I'll be really into another style of shoes but then back to trainers again! I'm just that kind of girl, you know. These casual everyday Air Forces are also one of the shoes I'd love to get sometime during this year. They are black so they will go with everything and wont get dirty as quick (I say that, yet I have white converse pffft). There are also many other colours and styles you can choose from here but my personal fav are the black mid ones. 

3) Black Leather Chelsea Boots

Seriously guys, Chelsea Boots are soo bae! They are soo cute and fashionable and are great for when you actually wanna dress up. Although I'm altogether in love with them, I'm actually really stuck on which type to get because there is the one with flatter platforms (picture on the right) and the ones with the chunky heel. I think they both look soo pretty but I just can't decide. Please comment down below which ones you think are nicer or better to help me out thanks! Finally these boots are super cheap, like the most expensive ones I've seen (that I would like) have been less than £30 so that's definitely a bargain! They are also on sale in a lot of shops like New Look and online websites!

  4) Nike Airmax Thea

Lastly, I would really love to get these Thea trainers! I think they look really cool and I've heard that they are super comfy and durable. I realised that I actually had no running shoes whatsoever even though I'm obsessed with trainers. That's why I figured it's about time I actually got myself some decent pair of trainers. Also since I'm trying to get myself into this healthier lifestyle of balanced diet, exercises, workouts, gym and stuff, a cute pair of Air Max Thea's will come in handy! As for price they are a lil pricy (£85) but I think they are so worth it and I've seen and heard many positive reviews on them. I might sort of negotiate and do a hustling and deals with my parents to see what we can do! Lol I dunno!!

And that's the end of my list for now guys!! Thank yo so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed. Please leave opinions and share your views on personal experiences with the type of shoes on my list to help me out here (especially with the chelsea boots)! 
What are the top shoes you guys really wanna get this year?
Thanks again guys ILYSM..
Abbie x
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