Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Acid Washed Jeans // High Waisted & Ripped


Hiyaa! So today I am back after a while with a fashion post for you guys on the high street style acid washed jeans. I actually featured them on my last OOTD fashion post which you can check out right here . Honestly, everywhere you've looked in this past winter/spring, you'll have seen someone in a good pair of these acid washed jeans. I think they are really cute and you have a wide range of choice where you can either dress them up or down.

These 'jeans' actually come more like jegins most of the time and they have that tight and stretchy feel to them. As you can see in the above picture, they have them in a range of colours. They can also come with rips so they are great if you want to go basic and rock them with a pair of trainers like converse or go dressy and rock them with chelsea type boots. You can also get them high waisted which can give a more formal or fancy approach. Here are a few ideas: 
PhotoPhotoI really like the way both these jeans have been worked in both pictures which show you how you can really adapt them to your own style regardless. Just to mention, they also come in shorts now probably due to how crazy people have been over them but I am not going to go into that yet. If I get a pair of the acid washed shorts, I will definitely do an OOTD or Haul featuring them Here's a quick snapshot of how I dressed mine in my OOTD:
Since these jeans have been rapidly growing in the fashion world, you can easily find them in a number of clothing shops such as New Look, Topshop, River Island, H&M, Forever 21 and many more. On average they are about £20 which I think is a reasonable price for these highly fashionable jeans but it can vary depending on the shop, quality and design.

So that is all from me today. I really love the style of these jeans and I'm so glad that they are trending right now. Be sure to leave a comment down below for me on your opinion on these jeans, if you own a pair and how you like to dress them!
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Monday, 30 March 2015

Hair Products Collection

Hello guys! You’ve probably noticed that I am slowly getting back into my natural hair posts but I just feel like it’s been a while and I miss talking about it! So today’s post is just a quick hair product collection of all the products I use on my hair. It is also kind of a mini review on all the products but I hope you enjoy!>>

1. Shampoo ~ Head & Shoulders Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

This has kind of always been my staple shampoo mainly because that's always in the bathroom because my mum uses it. I still wouldn't change for a new one since it simply does the job. I still use it although it's a sulphate shampoo because I don't wash my hair too often so when I do use it, it really removes all the product build up, dirt, and grime. It isn't that costly (around £2) and you can pretty much get it anywhere like Superdrug, Boots, Chemists or hair shop. 

2. Conditioner ~ Tresemme Naturals Coconut & Jojoba 

I got this conditioner about 6months ago and I honestly adore it. It gives my hair so much slip and makes detangling a whole lot easier. I would totally recommend it to anyone regardless of your hair type. It also smells really nice and is  pretty moisturizing. I got it on a sale at Superdrug for half price at £2.50. The normal price is usually about £5 but it's regularly on a sale at many shops. I honestly love this conditioner and I'm not thinking of changing at this time being. I also always follow up with this after every shampoo.

3. Deep Conditioner ~ Cantu Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque 

I am quite guilty of not deep conditioning as much as I should be but I have used this deep conditioner once since I have bought it. I have actually done a product review of it here. Overall, I had a good experience with it and it is loaded with a lot of natural and hair loving nutrients! It is sooo moisturizing and makes your hair feel ridiculously soft and manageable! I bought it at Paks Hair & Cosmetics for £5.50. I think it's pretty pricy for such a small amount but it's definitely worth it. I aim to do a deep condition at least every 2months depending on what type of style my hair is in.

4. Leave-in Conditioner ~ African Pride Shea Butter Miracle Leave in Conditioner

My goodness! This product honestly does perform miracles! I absolutely love it for it's amazing detangling properties. Literally, I section my hair and apply the creamy based consistency of leave in onto my hair (not scalp) and comb through. Every knot and tangle will have disappeared instantly. I really do love this product and it is only £2.79   at  Paks. The only thing is that I cannot risk using it alone for moisturizing because my hair becomes dry like after 10mins. This is why I incorporated it into my LOC Method which you can check out right here.  

5. Oils

So for oils, I have my KTC Coconut Oil which I also got from Paks for £2. I always, always use this oil for my hair and even on my skin. It has so many benefits and is overall is an amazing oil (it is also one of the few oils that actually penetrate the hair shaft and work from within). I use it both on my scalp and actual hair.  As a little DIY thing, I made my own oil mixture of Castor oil,  Almond Oil and Vitamin E oil which I also sometimes apply to my hair and scalp and in the night time my edges. 

6. My DIY Shea Butter Mix

So this is another DIY that I done and I use it as the cream part of the LOC Method which you can again read about here. I also have a post of how I made it  here. Overall, I am pretty pleased with the results this gives me and it does really keep my hair moisturized and sealed for long. When I use this on wash day, I simply work it through my strands and especially on my ends. I don't really focus on my scalp with it. The shea butter and castor oil in it does have that raw smell but apart from that I really like it and it really smooths and softens my hair.

So that's the end of this post guys! That is all of the products that I use on my hair and I am pretty pleased with all of them at the moment. If any changes, I will definitely update you guys on it. Please comment down if you like this post and would like to see more of similar ones! Also, what hair products are you guys currently using that you are in love with? Be sure to let me know! Thank you for reading guys..

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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Healthier Lifestyle // Tropical Fruit Smoothie

Hi guys! So you may not have known but one of my New Years Resolutions was to begin a healthier liifestyle including healthier eating and exercise. I made a blog post on it in the beginning of February saying how I was gonna have a fresh start and so on which you can read up right here. Up until last week Saturday, I had made no attempt into even trying to swop the chocolate for a banana but congratulations to me, I made a fruit smoothie!!

Yes, I know it's not a big deal but I am so happy that I have started putting some work into my New Years Resolution. I promised myself to make sure to drink it everyday without fail so that I can get my 5aday to start of with. 

So last week Thursday, I went off to my local grocery store (Tesco) and picked up some fruit and veg.

 At Tesco,I bought a pineapple for £1 which I was so pleased with because it was ridiculously juicy and sweet. I also picked up this Ready to Eat Pineapple, Melon, Strawberry and Grapes cup for £1.79 which was a great idea meaning that I didn't need to buy all those fruits individually. I also bought a pack of plums for 79p and there was about 8 inside. They were really ripe and tasted pretty good. Finally, I got some sweet and crunch salad for £1. I just wanted to be a little spontaneous with the salad lol.

How I made it:
Since my mum had already cut up the pineapple before I got home from school, I simply cut the big chunks in half and put them in the blender. I then poured the Ready to Eat Cup staright inside aswell. Then I cut around the plums (4-5 of them) and binned the seeds and put it in the blender. Finally I added a little bit of the salad inside and poured a cup of water in (around 500ml). 
I blended for about 15-20 secs.
 And done! A delicious, sweet, healthy tropical fruit smoothie!!
I'm actually really proud of myself for taking this first step into my healthier lifestyle and I have actually been drinking it everyday and I am looking to make another one once this batch is finished. I am going to try a different mixture of fruits, I am thinking something more like mango, banana and strawberry for a thicker, creamier textured smoothie!!

That's all for today, I hope you enjoyed this post. Please comment below what you think and if you have any good fruit combination smoothies in mind or tips on keeping a healthier lifestyle!

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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

5 Ways To Make Money As A Teenager!!

Hello Everyone!! So if you’re a teenager like myself, you can probably relate to the feeling of wanting to make your own money even though you aren’t yet allowed to have a proper job. It can be really frustrating when you really want that super cute dress or those new nike trainers but you just don’t have the money for it. You could easily ask your parents but there’s always that 50% chance that they might say no especially if it’s not something you don't necessarily need or they think it’s not worth it. Why have to worry about that when you could just gather up some of your savings money and get whatever it is you want?! That’s why I decided to come to you guys today with 5 different ways you could easily make some quick cash for yourself as a teenager like myself!>>

1) Selling online
 Nowadays, you can simply make money inside the comfort of your own home! With so many websites such as Ebay, Amazon, Etsy,  Threadflip, ExchangeMyPhone and many more, you have a wide range of products to sell and make a good amount of money. Some ideas are clothes, jewelry, phone cases, game consoles, shoes, DIY and crafts and so much more. The only thing is that you must have a bank card and let your parents be aware of what you are doing.

2) Doing Chores
 Doing a few extra chores at home can make you a few extra pounds for pocket money. You've simply got to negotiate and make a contract with your parents including what jobs you'll do, how long for, how often and how much you'll get in return. You could get paid for raking leaves, mowing the garden, washing cars, cleaning the whole house or a section of it for an acceptable price. I know that this way is a lot more hard work but in the long run, it's definitely worth it!

3) Getting Good Test Results!
I actually do this with my mum all the time. So if I've got an upcoming test, I let her know about it and we set a minimum grade boundary. It's usually an A so if I hit it or get higher, she will give me £10. If you don't want actual money, you could agree that they get you something else you want instead. This is also a very good motivation to wanting to achieve better results at school because you know there will be a exiting reward waiting for you if you do well! This way is actually quite easy and if you're a teenager, you're probably still going to school or having some type of education so it's perfect and straight forward! 

4) Online Surveys
 Isn't it amazing that you could actually make some good money with nothing else but your opinion! I mean seriously, you can make like £2 per survey with questions like 'Have you ever heard of River Island?' and 'Which do you prefer, jeans or dresses?' It's ridiculous right! Anyways, there are tons of sites out there ready for you to sign up to and start to earn cash, vouchers, prizes and so much more! Some of them even offer free games for you to play for like a few minutes and it'll earn you points! Check out SwagBucks, Toluna, Vivatic, MySurvey, YouGov and many other options you have and see which one you prefer!!

5) Turn a hobby/Talent Into A Business
My final suggestion is a little bit more creative although you barely see anyone doing it in this current teenage generation. It was a lot more common during the teen lives of our parents and upwards but now, not so much. If there is something you adore doing, or something you're really good at, or something you really love, believe it or not you can still make money out of it regardless. Whether you're a pet lover (pet sit or dog walk), a baby lover (babysit), a intelligent boy/girl (tutor someone), a more active kind (car washing, bike washing, lawn mowing), a great singer or dancer (form a little group with friends or someone and have lessons and stuff). The list just goes on and on and there are so many options to choose from, just find something you really enjoy or love and make you a few quid with it. 

So that's all the ways I thought of in which teenagers like myself (boy or girl) could earn themselves a little extra pocket for those times when you wished you had been saving up, or a real emergency comes up and you're in a sticky situation. I hope you enjoyed and found it useful! Be sure to comment down below if you would like to see similar posts to this!

On an important note, one of my close friends Ella the blog owner of IDKELLA and youtuber of IdkElla has a very similar youtube video on this same kinda topic and I would love if you guys took a moment to go an check it out! While you're at it, please subscribe to her channel and like her videos! You never know, her channel could have things you can relate to or enjoy!! Here's the link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfNkGlrLSAg

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Monday, 23 March 2015

Going Natural // My Transitioning Journey

Hello Everyone! So after a very long time, I am back with a natural hair post! And today I am going to be talking to you guys about a process which is very common the natural hair world which is transitioning.

When I was about 9 years (I think) my mum relaxed my hair (for all of you who don't know, relaxing your hair means getting your hair chemically straightened). I did that for a few years but not very frequently. When I was in Year 6 (so 10 or 11 years old) my hair became heat damaged due to straighteners, blow dryers and was just damaged in general due to lack of care and awareness. All that went on but Last Year in May 2014, my mum had asked me if I wanted to relax my hair again, and I had told her no. I wanted to actually get to know my hair, care for it and embrace it in its natural state. I had had enough of slapping on all that 'creamy crack' (as it's commonly known as) and neglecting a perfectly fine head of hair. This was when I decided begin my transition..

Through a million and one youtube videos and natural hair blogsI had learnt a whole lot about natural hair and transitioning. I had gone out shopping to get me some new products and accessories which would suit my hair at the  stage it was in. I also agreed that I would do my big chop in a years time(a big chop is basically the final chop of your transitioning hair). 

I am doing the Long Term Transitioning which is when you gradually cut off the relaxed or damaged ends of your hair until you are fully natural. I will probably do a whole post on why I made some of these decisions later on. I am currently in my 10th month of transitioning now but I have mini chopped certain areas of my hair such as the back and some parts of the side since I was so exited to actually see my natural hair texture. I have roughly had about 5inches of new growth (since the new hair that grows will be your natural hair texture). This is about average hair growth since hair tends to grow about 11/2inch a month so I am pretty pleased with that. I am 100% sure yet since I am not yet fully natural but I believe my hair type is 4c/4b so it is very kinky, coily, curly, afroey, springy and stuff. This diagram might help:

The middle section of my head is very coarse and thicker while the back is a little looser. My hair is also very soft. I am also planning on doing my big chop in the  half term of the 30th of May - 3rd of June so I've got about 2months to go..Eeek! Yes I am going to be doing it myself ( I literally have a self-written plan of steps that I'm going to follow on the day) and yes I'm really scared and nervous but super exited at the same time! Transitioning to natural hair can be a real pain and struggle at times so I can't wait to get it done and over with, but I'm not going to get into that for now otherwise this post will be way too long!

 I know that I am pretty crap at explaining stuff so here's a link to a few of my fave naturalista bloggers who will probably explain it better in less of a ramble and who have been great help to me throughout this whole journey:

So that is all for today guys! Hope you enjoyed or found this interesting, please comment down below and let me know what you think! Thanks for reading,
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