Friday, 24 April 2015

April Favourites ♡

Hello Everyone! Since it's coming up towards the end of April, I decided to do a post on all of my favourite products that I've been loving this month. I've never actually done a post like this before but I always read other blog posts and youtube videos of monthly faves so I thought it would be really fun to do! If you guys like it, be sure to let me know and I might start doing them every month. So anyways, let's get started!!

Rimmel London Lasting Finish 100 Kisses Lip Liner
Omg, I've absolutely been loving up this lip liner over the past few weeks! It is in the colour 063 Black Tulip which is more like a nude and I only use a little bit of it so it's perfect for school. Another thing I really like about this lip liner is that it is soo long lasting! It also has a creamy texture so it perfectly glides on your lips leaving a beautiful line that you can blend/smudge (which I like to do) or just leave as it is! Finally, it's only £2.99 which is an awesome price for such a great product!

Rimmel London Kate Moss Matte Lipstick
So you guys probably know that I'm not really an all out makeup kinda girl but I found this gorgeous matte lipstick from the Kate Moss collection in the colour 08. I mainly like it because it has a beautiful natural lip colour that can be used for everyday, anyday wear! This lipstick also has a lovely finish which isn't quite matte but isn't super shiny and glossy either (I like to use it along with the Rimmel London Lip liner). I also loveee the amazing smell of it and the average price for it is around £5.50!

Minnie Mouse Body Butter
Since the weather here in London has slowly began to get warmer, I have been wearing my socks rolled down to take in and enjoy some of that heat! Obviously, if I decide to do this, I need to have some cream with me to combat any emergency dryness and avoid the embarrassment of walking around with dry patches on your legs! This is why the Minnie Mouse Body Butter came in really handy for me these past couple of weeks and I really like it. It is so thick and creamy and does a great job at properly moisturizing your body. I actually got this body butter along with a set of other cute Minnie Mouse toiletries including mini bubble bath, mini shower gel and the body butter. It comes in a Minnie Mouse toiletries bag and my friend actually got it for me last Christmas. Overall I really like it and since it's mini, I can carry it around wherever I like!

Avon Bali Bliss Shimmering Body Mist
Well there is not much that I can say about this body mist but I overall love the smell of it. It smells really sweet and I always carry it around in my bag for whenever I need to re-spray at school or wherever I go. The only thing about it is that it doesn't last as long as I would want it to but I can't really give how many hours roughly since you can't usually tell when it wears out. Finally, it's from Avon but I don't remember how much it was.

Johnson's Baby Shower Gel Pineapple & Lily aroma
About 3weeks ago, I started using this new shower gel and it is amazing!! The main thing I love about it is the smell, oh my goodness! It smells gorgeous. I usually use bar soaps but I just thought to try this shower gel out and I am very pleased with it. It is in the scent Pineapple & Lily and that's what it literally smells like. It also leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean but soft and smooth at the same time which is perfect! You can pretty much get this anywhere and it's usually like £1-£2. It overall does what it's meant to do and it's what I've been using over the course of this month!

And that's all for today! Please bare with me if it's not as good or quite like a monthly favourite post but I am only just starting out and will gradually get better at them! I hope you liked this post and be sure to leave me a comment below letting me know what you think or if you have any questions about any of these products. Also any advice and tips are welcome! 
Thank you so much for reading, 
Abbie x

Sunday, 19 April 2015

5 Quick & Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Hello Everyone, I hope you're all doing well!! You've probably noticed that I haven't been posting as consistently as usual lately but I will be getting back into my posting atleast twice in a week from now on. 

So I totally understand the feeling of not wanting to eat breakfast in the mornings but the reasons vary from person to person so it could it be due to being pushed for time, trying to loose weight, not being bothered to eat, too tired and lazy to prepare food in the mornings or simply not feeling to eat so early.
 Personally, I tend to not eat breakfast because I'm usually running late anyways and I feel like it's too time consuming to prepare food, sit on the dinning table and eat and then have to wash up in school uniform. However, when I do have something in the morning, it's usually like sweets, chocolate, cookies and pretty much the things you're supposed to stay away from before 9am. I am however improving on my time keeping so I'm starting to learn how to manage my time so I'm not running late where breakfast would be the last thing on my mind. 

This is why I thought I would share with you guys 5 healthy breakfast ideas that you could incorporate into your mornings to give you a good boost and kick start energy for the day ahead! 

1. Quaker Oat/ Porridge Oats
 I actually don't mind quaker oats as long as it has sugar in it. It is really filling and is great to last you till the next meal of the day. It usually takes around 4mins to prepare so it's not too long. People also like to put fruit on top such as strawberry, banana, raspberry and apple slices. You could also try raisins if you like.

2. Healthy Cereals
Yes I know it can be hard to opt for healthier cereals when there's things like Coco Pops, Frosties and Rice Krispies but if you are looking for a healthier lifestyle, cereals like Kellog's Fruit n Fibre would be great. Other healthier options are Bran Flakes,Weetabix, Kellog's Nutri-Grain and Muesli. All these would be perfect with just a glass of water or juice in the morning and don't take long to make at all.

3. Whole Grain Toast
Toast is probably one of the most popular breakfasts but to turn the odd toast healthy, use whole grain or brown bread instead. You can try buttering it lightly then putting some banana slices on top or have it with those ham,chicken or turkey slices into it and turn it into a sandwich. However you would like to be creative with your toast, try it out with some slices of whole grain bread.

4. Fruit Salad
This is probably one of the quickest breakfasts if you prepare a big portion of fruit salad the night before then every morning you can put some in a bowl and enjoy away. It is also good to help you get your 5-aday and most fruits taste really good anyway. You can also make yourself a fruit smoothie that you can store in the fridge and pour into a bottle every morning/night if you really don't have time to waste where you can drink it on the go. I actually have a post on a tropical fruit smoothie which I've made.

5.Boiled Egg
Finally, you can decide to start your day with boiled eggs. You can cut it and put it in bread or toast or you can even eat it along with some sweet and crunchy salad. These are just a few ideas but in the end it's up to you! To make things easier, you can boil the eggs the night before then peel and eat the next morning!

So that's all for today, I hope you enjoyed this post and you might have got some inspiration of some quick and easy healthy breakfast ideas. Be sure to leave me a comment of what you think and let me know what you have for breakfast if anything. 

Thanks for reading,
Abbie x

Monday, 13 April 2015

The Creative Blogger's Award

Hello Everyone! So you've probably noticed that it's been a while since I've done an award but last week or so, I was luckily nominated by the lovely Emma the blog owner of Very Proper Blog to do The Creative Blogger's Award!! I just wanna say a big Thank You to Emma, I really appreciate it and when I came across your blog, it was awesome! Please go and check out her blog here guys and show some love with comments and follows!

So this award is very similar to the Versatile Award which I have also done before which you can check out but anyways, let's get started!

The Rules
  • Nominate 15-20 blogs and notify all via their social media/blogs
  • Thank and post the link of the blog that nominated you (very important)
  • Share 5 facts about yourself to your readers
  • Pass the rules on to them
 5 Facts About Myself
  • My actual name is Abiola (which is a Nigerian name) but most people call me Abbie for short. My other nicknames are Abbss, Biola and Bibi ahahaa.
  • My birthday is on December 12th so in the year 2012, I turned 12yrs, on the 12th day of the 12th month in the 12th year! So weird and confusing but people are usually fascinated by that!
  • I'm scared of dogs.. big dogs, that bark and chase you and try to eat you alive..
  • I really like Drama and I would like to do something in the arts as a part time or a side job in the future. 
  •  I'm addicted to Oreos and Marylands! They are both so tasty and are like my guilty pleasures, I can honestly finish a whole pack of them almost unconsiously! I swear they put some kinda drug or secret addictive ingredients in them hahaa!!
The Bloreatireativeggers I nominate
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And that's the Creative Blogger's Award guys! I just want to say another thank you to Emma for this nomination. 

Also, on a separate note, one of my friends Sayo has recently started a youtube channel and I would love for you guys to please check it out! She is quite new to it but she has posted a couple of videos. There will be a lot of fashion and lifestyle posts to soon come. Please kindly subscribe to her channel and like her videos render her some love and support. Here's the link again: Shay & JayThanks so much!

Until Next Time,
Abbie x

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Forever 21 // Denim Shirt Dress
Hii Everyone!! As I promised, I have another fashion post for you guys and today I will be talking to you about the gorgeous shirt dress which I found on the Forever 21 website. 

I am soo happy that we are in April now because that obviously means that summer and warm positive weather is on it's way. This is why I felt the need to start looking round for some summery clothes and to my luck came across this! Honestly I love, love this Slub Knit T-Shirt Dress! It is so simple yet fashionable and the style of it is really trending in the fashion world at the moment. I also really like the little pocket design on the side that gives the dress a more casual look.

This dress is so flexible and versatile that it can be dressed in so many ways. For example, I could rock it plain and casual with a pair of white converse or low airforces and a long strap bag or go more dressy and wear it with a black waist belt, necklace, clutch bag and sandals or even heels!

Other ideas are wearing it with black legings or you could just not bother with any major accessorizing and rock it plain as it is!

Here it what it looks like from the side and back:

Gorgeous right?!

If you would like to see more shirt dress ideas, my friends Karolyne owner of the blog ThatGirlK has a whole blog post on Shirtdress so make sure to check it out for more ideas and styles!

Here are some other styles that I also like: 

I found that the plain white ones and the denim ones are the most popular this spring but I think they are both really nice. 

Finally, this dress is only £12! Seriously £12!! I think that is a great price for this cute dress and I am definitely looking to purchase it soon. When I get round to the store and buy it, I'll probably do an OOTD on it so you guys can see what it looks like! Here's the link to the Forever 21 website for this dress

That's the end of this post guys, I hope you enjoyed it. Be sure to leave me a comment down below of what you think and how you would dress a shirt dress. I love reading you guys' comments!! Thanks for reading, 
Abbie x

Saturday, 4 April 2015

5 Daily Life Hacks To Prevent Breakouts

Hello Everyone! So today I have another skincare post which I think will be really helpful for a lot of my readers out there, especially us teenagers who are going through puberty and have to suffer the dreadful spots and acne scars that then cause horrible blemishes that take over our young and youthful looking faces! Thanks Mrs Puberty! But don't worry fellow victims, today I have you 5 different daily life hacks which can help to prevent even further spots and stop them getting worse!>>

1. Drink plenty of water!
Yes, I know it can be very hard to opt for water when there are all these other more desirable alternatives such as fruit juices, fizzy drinks  and energy drinks. However, water is very important in pretty much every aspect of keeping healthy. Water helps to clear out toxins in your body, keeps your skin hydrated and maintain clear and supple skin. I like to take a 1litre bottle of water to school and always make sure to refill it at lunch time meaning I will have had 2litres and more(dinner time etc) during that day. To work out how much water you should drink daily, click here to this site

2. Keep Your Hands Away From Your Face 

It can be very comfortable to rest your chin on your palm during those boring math classes or constantly be fussing with your face but little did you know that these habits can actually cause spots due to the oils and bacteria on your hands which eventually build up and get clogged in your pores since we obviously don't wash out faces every 5mins. That is why it is important to wash our faces twice a day to get rid of all the bacteria and excess oils and impurities which is my next tip.

3. Building A Morning & Night Facial Regimen

I actually have a post on my own morning and night facial regimen which you should definitely go and check out here where you'll find how I go about my regimen. It is important that we wash our face twice a day to keep it fresh and vibrant for the morning and to cleanse all impurities and possibly makeup before bed. I would also recommend that you purchase or DIY some kind of exfoliator which helps to remove the layers of dead skin and deeply cleanse our pores. I will be doing a post on how to make your own DIY exfoliator. Also, you must always always moisturize your face after every wash/cleanse because if your face is dry, your skin will be producing even more excess sebum which clogs your pores and eventually cause pimples which is what we're trying to prevent here!!

4. Change Your Pillowcase Often
Over time bacteria, dirt and sweat can build up on your pillow case so it is important to wash your pillow cases and change them maybe once a week or two. A fresh, clean pillow can stop your skin from erupting overnight!

5. Get Your Beauty Sleep! 💤
Sleeping is soo important! I mean, who doesn't like sleeping and lazing around in bed with nothing else to do but relax and kickback? Us teenagers especially should be getting at least 8-9hours of sleep and a little less for adults. Stress can also lead to breakouts so getting your beauty sleep can really save your precious face from getting out of control. 

And that is all the daily life hacks I have for you guys which could help to prevent those unwanted spots! I hope this post was helpful and make sure to comment below what you think and if you have any other tips or tricks that work. Why not check out some of my other lifestyle posts?

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Thanks for reading guys,
Abbie x
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