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The Versatile Blogger Award #2 & The Infinity Dreams Award


Heyy Guys! It know it's been a long time since I've posted something but I'm back now! I honestly have been ridiculously busy the past month or so but now things have die down a lil and I will be posting more often!

So today I am going to be doing a combination of the Versatile Award and the Infinity Dreams Award. They are both pretty similar so I thought I would join them together. First of all I just want to say a big thank you to the two girls who have nominated me for these awards, Ella (for the Versatile Award) and Rachel (for the Infinity Dreams Award). You both have such lovely blogs and seem like really nice people! Apologies for taking soo long to do the post but I genuinely do appreciate it! Please go and check out both their blogs and show so love and support on their!

So anyways, let's get started with the awards!

The Rules For The Versatile Award
- Thank the blogger who nominated you
- Tell your readers 7 interesting facts about yourself
- Nominate 5-15 other readers

The Rules For The Infinity Dreams Award
- Thank and follow the blogger that kindly nominated you
- Tell us 11 facts about yourself
- Answer the questions that were set for you to answer
- Nominate 11 bloggers and set questions for them

My Facts For Both The Awards:

  • I love food! Lol I know that's so basic but it's really true! Like I can eat loads and loads of junk food and never get bored or fat! At school, I actually wrote a speech about how I love food and how the school dinners don't fill you up..

  • I don't really have a favourite colour. I mean, I've always loved the colour purple but I wouldn't really call it my favourite colour. I kind of have phases so one minute I'll really be into tiffany blue, then the next minute burgundy and then gold or whatever.

  • I love the summer time! Summer is so beautiful and everything looks so pretty especially the flowers and trees and all things nature! The weather is also the best thing ever like seeing as living in London means cold, rain and crappy weather most of the time, the experience of sun, breeze and bright days is awesome!

  • I do Business Studies at school as one of my GCSE options and it's such an interesting subject! Although it sounds all boring and mathsy, it's actually got a lot more to it and can be really fun!

  • One of the things I really enjoy is dancing! I love to do it in my spare time, and just whenever I hear music on. I find it so enjoyable and I even make up my own dances with friends and stuff.

  • I can be very loud and hyper. Seriously, when I'm with the right people things can get really crazy ahahaa. Also most of my friends and the people I hang out with are pretty much the same so it's just perfect really. I find that there's no need to waste time and be all sad and stuff because you'll never get that wasted time back again!

  • I really like watching Youtube videos! I spend so much time watching people's videos and like it's just so entertaining! My favourite Youtubers are JadahDoll, KSI, ComedyShortsGamer, BeautyCrush, Zoella and loads more which I can't remember!

  • I don't really read much! I honestly need to get out of this habit because reading can be so fun and is actually very important so I'm going to try and incorporate more reading into my lifestyle.

  • One of my favourite fruits is Mango. Well I think it's a fruit, but whatever it is I love it! It's so juicy and sweet and it's quite good for you so yeah!

  • Finally, I love blogging! I know it's really contradictive because I haven't blogged in ages but I really do love to write blog posts, interact with you guys, reply to comments, read other blogs and just all the different aspects of blogging! 

And that's all of the facts guys! Moving on to answering the questions that Rachel has asked me (for the Infinity Dreams Award)!

1. Who was the last person you messaged on facebook?
No one! I don't have facebook.

2. What was the last thing you ate?
A triple chocolate chip cookie with white chocolate chips on top! Yumm..

3. Why did you start a blog?
Well in short and snappy way, I loved to read other people's blogs, I thought it would be really fun to do, I like to write (sort of), I like to interact with people and get to meet and talk to new people, finally I took an interest in topics relating in haircare, fashion, DIY's and lifestyle kinda stuff!

4. You have to marry the last person you smiled at. Are you happy?
No way!! It was an old woman who looks like she's in her late 50's! Ahhaaa!

5. Do you believe in the supernatural?
Well, I believe in God so I guess so, yeah!

6. What is your dream job?
I really want to be a Business Woman! And I also want to do some kind of entertaining or something in the arts as a part time or side job.

7. Most embarrassing moment?
I don't really have a key one but I'm pretty sure there'll be loads to come!

8. Best present ever received?
Oooh, this is a really hard one, but erm I would say the gift of life! Makes sense right?

9. Favourite make-up brand?
I don't really wear makeup that much but I quite like Rimmel London. I bought a couple of stuff from them recently and I really, really loved them! I included them on my April Favourites post which you can check out!

10. What's your biggest achievement?
I know sounds really bad but I actually don't know ahahaa! Honestly, I really can't think of any. Don't get me wrong, I have probably achieved something in the past 14years of my life (hopefully) but I just can't think of any, regardless of my biggest one!

The bloggers I nominate (you can choose which award you want to do or combine them both in one way or the other):

My questions (if you're doing the Infinity Dream Award):
1. Who's your fave celebrity if you have any?
2. What T.V shows do you watch?
3. What makeup product could you not live without?
4. Favourite food?
5. What was the last film you watched?
6. Would you rather constantly laughing or never laughing atall?
7. Dream job?
8. Boots or Trainers?
9. Skirts or Jeans?
10. Who was the last person you texted?

And that's all from me today. I'm so sorry this post is really, really long and congrats if you managed to make it to the end lol! I hope you enjoyed it anyways and thanks again to the girls who nominated me. I will be posting a lot more from now on anyways. Be sure to leave me a comment down below and check out some of my other posts!

Thanks for reading,

Abbie x


  1. Thanks for saying such nice words about me hun, means a lot xxx

    1. Its okay, thanks for the nomination also xx

  2. Congrats on your nomination! Lovely post x

  3. Mango is one of my favourite fruits as well, it's so yummy!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. I know right! Thanks for stopping by xx

  4. Thank you for my nomination honey! Your blog is to die for and so cute! My post and answer questions are all up and done :D xxx

    1. Aww, you're very welcome. Thank you so much and likewise!! I will be checking out your post xx

  5. You're blog is doing SOOOO WELL!!! How many awards is that now?
    Well done Abbie,

    Everspark xxx

    1. Thank you so much Everspark, I'm also very proud for how my blog's doing! I think I've had about 8 awards now, and I have some that I still need to write. Good luck with your blog aswell! I've caught up with a few posts and they're awesome!! Xx

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  7. I love summer and mangos too! (They're actually two of my most favourite things) ;)
    Peace xo

    1. I know right! Thanks for stopping by! xx

  8. I love these posts where you get to know the blogger behind the blog :)


    1. Me too, it's always nice to let your readers know a bit about you and you personal life sometimes! xx

  9. I did the creative bloggers post. Sorry it took me a while but i've done it now, so if you want to click the link below and maybe comment on the post it would be great thanks!

    Ella xxx

    1. Thanks for doing the award! No worries about the delay, it took me ages to do this award aswell! Thanks, for the link anyways, I'll definitely check it out xx


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