Tuesday, 17 March 2015

What To Do When You're Feeling Down..

As human beings, we simply need to accept that in life we are going to have bad times. We are going to face hardships, break ups, low self-esteem days, argumentative days and all the rest of the negativity that comes with life so we have no choice but to endure them and try to push forward. Here, I have a few tips that I myself sometimes use to help me overcome those days when I’m just not feeling my best!>>

1.  Pray
This always tend to uplift my mood and make me feel so light-weight and spiritually free. I like the feeling of believing that I have something up there that I can talk to and render all my problems to and believing bad times aren't forever.

2. Music
If there is a song that I am really into at the time I like to play it quietly while I'm laying down relaxed and with my eyes closed. It usually reminds me of the happy and bouncy moods that I am in all the other times I have played the song/s and it can really help to think that it isn't worth drowning and overwhelming yourself in sorrow and disregarding all the good times.

3. Talk to somebody
Whether it's God, a friend, my mum, or even a diary, it can really relieve the stress on your shoulders when you let it all out. Think of it like throwing away a heavy bag of bricks you've been carrying around for a long time. Sharing your situation with someone or something that will understand can really be comforting and could even be the first step to a solution!

4. Read a book/Watch Youtube/TV
Although this is very vague and simple, it could actually get your mind off your problems especially if it's just a bad day but feels like hell on earth. Watch something that makes you laugh or that interests you. Make yourself some hot chocolate, throw on some comfy pj's and fluffy socks, and tuck yourself under some warm covers with a laptop or a book!

5. Hobbies
Whether you like to sing, dance, sew, draw, write, design, read or even workouts, when you're in an unhappy mood, these can really come in handy. I really like dancing and sort of singing so I turn up that music and turn up in my own room! No need for a party! But on a serious note, doing something you enjoy can really encourage you to want to move on from the down and dull moments and keep in mind that your better than all of this! You don't need to hibernate down in the dumps because your strong, awesome and have a meaning existence! Remember everything happens for a reason!!

6. Give yourself a makeover
Pampering yourself when you're in a bad mood can really make you feel better about yourself from the inside. Whether it's a facial mask, feet makeover, hand/nails makeover, painting your nails, giving your hair some TLC or even having a long bath. You will most likely be distracted from your worries and they will eventually fly away. In the mean time, you're making your self look gorgeous while conquering your bad mood! Check out the following posts:

 Thank you so much for reading! Make sure to check out the post in the links of the 6th suggestion. Remember that all these suggestions and ideas are personal and are from my own experience, they may not work for you but you can always give it a go. Hope this post helped and inspired someone out there. 
Lysm guys.. 
Abbie x


  1. Hey hun! Sorry I haven't commented recently, but I promise I've been keeping up :) What a lovely positive post x

    1. It's okay!! Thank you so much and I'm glad you like it.
      Abbie xx


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