Wednesday, 11 February 2015

7 Things To Be Grateful For..

Hii Guys, so this post is supposed to be a quite inspirational one (I hope) and it's going to be about the 7 things that I am grateful for. I sat back for a while yesterday and just started to think about my life and just life in general. I realised that 80% of the time we probably focus on all the negativity and horrible things that are happening or that have happened to us. Yes, we can be going through extremely tough and stressful time which can be pretty overwhelming and cause the any slight positivity to loose its place in our heart. However, I want to come back and remind us that in every negative situation, there is always, always some positivity in there, we just need to search deeper within ourselves to be able to see the beauty and happiness in everything as we look through the eyes of God.

1. Your Life 
This by far in my opinion is the greatest gift you could have. Without life, you couldn’t love, laugh, dream, explore, question or even complain about all the negativity in our lives in the first place. Think about your surroundings, many have fallen through even just the smallest trial, but you have been lucky and received the most ultimate grace to push past those, stay strong and hold onto your life. That's worth being grateful for if you ask me.

2. Your Situation
Be it good or bad, smooth or tough, you should always be grateful for your situation. I always like to think of it as 'it could've been worse'. This world is full of both good and evil (although sometimes one outweighing the other) so we just need to learn to endure and stay strong during hardships.

3. Your Strengths & Flaws
Imagine a world where everyone was the exact same; all with the same strengths and flaws. There is so much value and preciousness in both out strengths and flaws which all come together to make us unique individuals. I think it's important that we embrace our strengths and flaws and apply them to our daily life to make something spectacular out of them.. why.. because we can! Be proud to be different.

4. Your Mistakes                              
I think that making mistakes are such powerful yet wonderful things. Making mistakes and taking risks enable us to understand, experience, learn, discover and grow stronger and better (hopefully) than we were before. Don't ever be scared to make a mistake as they occur naturally and simply mean that we are perfectly imperfect human beings. The ability to make a mistake and adjust is definitely a fascinating ability and worth being grateful for.

5. Your Enemies
This one might seem like a weird one, but I think it's true! Our enemies or people who dislike and wish possibly the worst for us are people we should be grateful for having. These kind of people give us the opportunities to practice patience, love, kindness and forgiveness. These qualities are really useful and crucial to have, even though it's sometimes difficult, but having an easy access to practicing them is definitely a win win!

6. Your Choices
The opportunity to make your own choice whether they were amazing or not so good is something to be grateful for. In the end, they were yours and yours alone. The privilege to choose between a packet of crisps or a bar of chocolate, going on the laptop or watching t.v, shopping at Topshop or New Look. All these things are almost luxuries and we tend to take advantage of them since we’re so used to it and it’s ‘normal’. We need to remember that some people out there don’t even have the access to these things let alone to choose between different options.

7. Your Heart
Through many, breakups, make ups, excitements, depressions, and just both good and bad times, your heart is forever healing all wounds and preparing itself for more craziness to come! It’s still beating no matter what the condition and that in itself is worth being grateful for!
So that’s all from me today, I hope you enjoyed this post and found it encouraging and inspirational as I hoped! I know there are plenty more things in this world that we have been abundantly blessed with but those were the ones that came to me at the time. In the future, I am also planning to make a grateful list or whatever they are called, they seem pretty cool! Please comment all other ideas down below and any other opinions..
            God Bless..
 Abbie x


  1. Wow... this post really turned my day around. Sometimes it's so easy to forget all these things so thanks.
    Everspark xxx

    1. Aww, I'm glad it was great use to you! I'll definitely try to do more posts like this. Your very welcome.
      Abbie xx


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