Thursday, 19 February 2015

DIY Newspaper Print Nail Art

Hey guys!! So I’m sure you all sometimes get a lil bored of your nails or the polish or designs you’ve currently got on is getting old and wear away. That’s why I thought that I would share you guys a super quick and easy yet gorgeous looking way of rocking your nails. Unfortunately, I’m not actually allowed to paint my nails (yep, I know I’m 14yrs) so I’m just here telling you guys about a cool way to jazz up your nails, and I can’t even do it myself.. it’s a sad life. Lol but anyways let’s get started!>>

Step 1) Apply a base coat to your nails of any colour of choice. Some popular ones are light grey, grey, light blue and light pink. Make sure to let it dry before continuing to next step.

Step 2) Soak your nails into some alcohol, or rubbing alcohol for a few seconds.

Step 3) Place the newspaper print side down on the nail an gently press down, making sure not to shift the paper. 

Step 4) After about 30secs or so, peel off the newspaper and finish with a top coat to get a fine finish and tah dah! Results = fabulous nails!!

-Apart from alcohol/vodka, and rubbing alcohol, some people use mouthwash or simply water. I've never tried it out so I'm not too sure but people seem to lean more to the alcohol or rubbing alcohol side for better results.
- To avoid blurred letters, try your best to stay super still. Simply roll your fingers over the  newspaper on your nails.
- Keep a cotton bud, cotton wool and nail polish remover nearby so yo can quickly wipe away any mistakes and clean up!  

So that's all from me today guys, I hope you enjoyed and actually give this a go. Feel free to share your results and any tips down in the comments! Thanks for reading, 
Abbie x


  1. hi, this is the post i chose to be pinned on the board just because it was the first thing i saw,next time when you add your link make sure to add the link to any of your post not just to your blog. ifyou have any doubt just ask me. Thank you

    1. Oh, thank you. I'm not too bothered about it any of them will do. xxxx

  2. Replies
    1. I know right, thanks for stopping by!! xx

  3. Woah! It looks amazing! Wow... I definitely need to try this at home. Do you know how long it stays on for?

    1. I know right, thanks!! Also, I'm not too sure on exactly how long but as long as you're careful it should be roughly the same as any other nail polish design! xx


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