Monday, 19 January 2015

DIY & Tips To Naturally Whiten Teeth

Hello everyone!! Today’s DIY is slightly different because it is a mixture of DIYs and tips to whiter teeth naturally. Smiling is one of every girl’s best features and when you smile you look 1000 times much prettier and your entire face just brightens up. If your teeth are not looking as good as they can for everyone to see that beautiful smile of yours then read on to find out how to can whiten and get your teeth looking their best!>> 

The DIY Part:             
So above is the diagram of all the ingredients that you will need and that I personally used to get whiter and brighter teeth. So first of all you have a small bowl for your small mixture; some baking soda but bicarbonate of soda will also do; lemon or lime juice depending on your preference (you can either buy a real lemon/lime and squeeze the juice out, or simply buy 100% pure lemon/lime juice if you're feeling a lil lazy). Finally you will of course need a good toothbrush.

Step 1: Put about 2-3 tablespoons of baking soda into your bowl, now these measurements aren't 100% exact so you can alter it depending on how much you use etc. Next, squeeze/pour in a little bit of lemon/lime juice and you should start to see some bubbles as there will be some sort of chemical reaction going on. At this stage, you want to apply either more or less of your baking soda and lemon/lime juice until you get a nice, thick toothpaste-like consistency.

Step 2: Now dip your toothbrush into the small bowl and brush your teeth thoroughly for about 2mins, making sure you get the mixture all around. Also make sure not to brush your tongue with it and be gentle when brushing so you do not damage anything. Only recommended to do this maybe twice a week or so. Make sure to follow up with toothpaste or a mouthwash to freshen up your breath after!

The Tips: 
.Try to brush your teeth twice a day; once in the morning and once before bed. Too much can severely damage your teeth and guns etc.
. Floss your teeth daily mainly after meals to remove any thing the toothbrush missed.
.Use a good minty mouthwash to freshen up your breath and give you a nice, clean sensational feel.
.If your teeth are not in shape, make sure to visit your dentist to get braces or retainers. Also make sure to go for checkups with your dentists every 6 months.
. Finally, just smile!!!  : ) 

And that's all from me today! So I hoped this post actually helped someone out there because it was just a really random idea that popped into my head. Also I'm really sorry that I have not posted the other two leibster awards and the versatile award I was nominated for but I've just been really busy lately. They will be coming up soon don't worry, I haven't ignored you!! 
Laters xxxx 


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