Friday, 9 January 2015

Moisturizing Low Porosity Hair

It’s one thing to know you have low porosity hair level, but it’s another to know to treat and maintain it in a way that best suits your hair and keeps it healthy and well moisturized, supple and shiny! If you don’t already know what porosity is or what YOUR porosity is, go check out my last post: Hair Porosity Levels&Test However, if you already have, continue reading to find out the treatments for keeping under control your low porosity hair.

Deep Conditioning With Heat
Using heat to the hair while deep conditioning opens up the cuticles so that all the rich, luxurious, moisturizing goodness can actually deeply penetrate and be absorbed by the cuticles. You can do this by sitting under a steamer for about 15-20mins of your deep condition. If you do not own a steamer, or you are on a strict ‘no heat’ vibe, improvise! Whether you’re exercising during your deep condition, wrapping a warm/hot towel around your head, or simply turning up the radiators in your house, generating heat is all that matters.

Avoid Protein-rich Deep Conditioners                   
Low porosity hair is prone to build up from protein rich products which leave it feeling stiff. Remember, you need to focus on absorbing moisture so try to stick with things like humectants (honey, glycerine panthenol, aloe vera, agave) which attract and keep moisture to the hair and emollients (shea butter, jojoba oil, coconut oil) which soften and smooth down the hair.

Baggying your hair
So when you moisturize your hair (preferably LOC method click :here  ) you cover it with a plastic bag or a shower cap and  what this does is the the water vapour helps create a humid atmosphere so that the hair has no other option but to absorb in the moisture. You can do this method overnight while layering up with your normal head wrap and a hat to generate more heat; or if you’re going out, you can disguise the bag/cap with a beanie or scarf etc.

Clarifying Shampoo
You must remember that low porosity hair is prone to product build up so it’s very important to remove all that gunk off and have a fresh layer for moisture to be absorbed into it. Also if you don’t wash your hair very often, it’s best to use either a sulphate shampoo or one that really gets into the dirt and grime. I personally wash my hair about once every 3-4weeks depending on the style I have in.

Hope these tips helped and you soon see better and healthier results with your low porosity hair xx


  1. Thanks so much for nominating me for leibster award!! I really really appreciate it! I really like this post because believe it or not I also have afro , natural hair and because I have been growing it for so many years It is getting really hard to manage! I would love some tips on how to maintain and grow my hair longer!

    1. Aww your very welcome and that's great!! I'll really love to help you out. I currently am transitioning to natural so from relaxed to natural but I still no exactly how you feel. But dont worrry, dont loose hope. To manage your hair I suggest checking out my 'How To Look After Natural Hair-Wash Day Routine' post and to grow it have a look at my 'How To Grow An Inch of Hair in 7days' post. I'm really glad you like my posts and I will definitely post a lot more regularly on natural hair stuff. Thank you so much for stopping by and if you have any questions, feel free to comment or email me

    2. Also, I have just noticed that you nominated me for the Sisterhood of the world bloggers award and Im really really greatful. Thank you soo much, I will definitely be joining in and will post it very soon. Thanks xxxx


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