Monday, 9 March 2015

My School Morning Routine

Hello Everybody!! So today I figured why don’t I write up a post about my typical day to day school morning routine. I really like watching other people’s youtube videos on it so I thought it’d be fun to write up a blog post on it instead! I hope you enjoy!!>>

1)  So first of all, I wake to my alarm (phone) which goes off at 6:50am and snooze it for 10mins. I purposely put it as that since I know that I will fall back to sleep anyways so having it going off 10mins earlier means I will be half awake and not still in a deep sleep which will eventually lead to suddenly waking up like 2hrs later!

2) When it’s 7:00am, the alarm goes off again but this time I have no choice whatsoever but to get my lazy self up and get ready for school. I usually do this fine if I go to bed the night before at a decent time (which I am trying to get into a habit of) but if I don’t then I usually just end up late and yea. Anyways, once I get up, I get my towel and everything I need and get myself into the bath. I like to brush my teeth first for some reason, then do my facial regimen and have my wash. Click here to see:My Morning & Night Facial Regimen This whole process tends to take me about 20mins.

3) Once I’m out the bathroom, I moisturize my face and body and put my school uniform on. Afterwards, I like to check my school planner to see what lessons I have that day and pack my bag with the right books and equipment. This part usually takes another 15mins or so but I’m usually like wasting time tryna find a matching sock or decent pair of tights etc. I don't usually do much to my hair since it's usually in a protective style but I just make sure it looks neat and my edges are decent. I might sometimes apply my oil mix to my scalp if it looks or feels dry. As for makeup, I might once in a while apply some eyeliner or eyeshadow maybe, but I'm not really an all out makeup person. This normally takes 15mins or so.

4) Afterwards, I put on my shoes, coat, hat, scarf, glove and stuff, and then finally my shoes. I usually go back to cream my hands since I always forget the gaps between my fingers when creaming the first time round (not a good look at all). I never really have proper breakfast but I sometimes take a fruit or croissant or bagel with me to eat on the way to school and that’s about. At this point, I fill a bottle with water or juice so I have something to drink if I get thirsty during the day. All this takes about 15mins ish but I usually forget something and just go wondering round the house or whatever. Once that’s all done, I’m good to go and out the door for school!

That’s all from me today guys! I hope you enjoyed reading! Also guys, I would really appreciate it if you commented down below any ideas of posts that you would like me to publish. All ideas are welcome and I will surely reply to all comments. Also make sure to also sit back and have a good look at any of my other posts in the mean time!
Thanks a bunch guys. Mwah..
Abbie x


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